Délio Sering

Délio Sering

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Soft and smooth with notes of pear, roasted pistachio and brown sugar.


Washed Brazilian coffees are uncommon for many reasons but in the Espirito Santo region of Brazil they are plentiful.

Delio Sering is a relatively young producer, at just 30 years of age. He lives far up the mountain ranges of Afonso Claudio in a small area called Alto Lagoa. Originally, the farm was owned and run by his father, Nivaldo, but over the last six years Delio has taken the lead.

After purchasing their own pulper in 2015, the Sering family really saw improvements in quality. This quality and the higher premiums they have been able to obtain have helped the family purchase a greenhouse, a truck and even new storage facilities.

Expect this washed Catuaí to taste super clean and crisp. It has malic acidity like fresh pear, a unique nuttiness similar to roasted pistachio and a lingering sweetness of brown sugar.

This is a wonderful expression of Espirito Santo. Coffees from here are always clean and vibrant.

Producer  →  Délio Sering
Farm  →  Sitio Sering
Location  → Afonso Cláudio, Espirito Santo, Brazil
980 - 1,100 masl
Varieties   Catuaí