Alexander Vargas

Alexander Vargas

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Creamy and candy-like with luxurious notes of ripe fruit and licorice.


Here we have a coffee with a cup profile so unique we had to whip it up and launch with it.

We purchased this lot via our friends at Caravela; an importer/exporter of Latin-American coffee with their roots heavily planted in Colombia. 
Tom has been working with them for a number of years as a major resource for the Colombian coffees he roasted back in Australia and he’s carried that relationship over with him to Black Fox.

Alexander has been producing coffee for over 25 years. In that time he has grown from a young producer working on the family farm to the owner of his own farm; La Piragua. More recently his Pink Bourbon has placed in the 2020 Colombian Cup of Excellence and he’s growing some of the finest coffee in Huila.

Finca La Piragua isn’t huge - it’s only around 5 hectares - and most of the land is dedicated to growing the Bourbon variety which is pre-contracted to Asia. Due to the ongoing problem that is Leaf Rust it’s becoming more common these days for farmers to shift towards growing disease-resistant varieties. This means older strains such as Caturra are becoming too much of a risk to maintain.

Alexander does still grow some Caturra though - it’s impeccable - so we consider ourselves very, very lucky to be able to get our hands on it.

This coffee has a wonderful textural element. It’s creamy with a candy-like sweetness and some subtle notes of licorice. As it cools, the sweetness develops further into more caramelized sugars and there’s a ripe stone fruit quality that is drawn out.

Alexander’s coffee is different in the best way. Please take some time to savor it.

Producer  →  Alexander Vargas Osorio
Farm  →  La Piragua
Location  →  Palestina, Huila, Colombia
1,820 masl
Varieties   Caturra