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A classic Gedeb profile with notes of meyer lemon, peach and earl grey tea.


This coffee comes from Chelchele washing station. Thanks to our wide range of roasting partners, we've become very familiar with this coffee at Black Fox.

METAD are the driving force behind Chelchele's popularity. They are an Agricultural Developer based in Ethiopia and they play the vital role of connecting buyers with washing stations that are often scattered around more remote and hard to reach districts surrounding their own farms.

We're so thankful for METAD's work on the ground but a lot of the credit here has to go to the small farmers that bring their organically grown coffee to the Chelchele washing station and contribute to this 100% certified-organic lot.

Here we have a classic Gedeb profile. It's sweet and floral with bergamot (earl grey) and rounded citrus dominating the cup. We pick up a lot of lemon zest, peach and black tea notes as well. 

Producer  → Various Smallholders
Washing Station  →  Chelchele
Location   Gedeb, Gedeo Zone, Ethiopia
Varieties Native Landraces
2,000 masl