Buku Sayisa

Buku Sayisa

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Our last washed Ethiopian with notes of blueberry jam, apricot and blackcurrant.


This will be Black Fox's final washed Ethiopian release of the season. We held onto this one a little longer because it felt like a great way to round out the year and treat ourselves to something special just before Christmas.

Coffees grown at 1,500 meters above sea level (masl) or higher tend to show crisper acidity, better clarity of flavor and often display elevated fruit characteristics. This isn't always the case but it's a nice way to look at altitude when tasting coffee. Ethiopian coffee is amongst some of the highest grown in the world with heights commonly hovering around 1,800 - 2,200masl.

The coffee farms of Buku Sayisa (roughly translating to "Blessed Valley") reach elevations up to 2,350masl. Farmers here deliver cherry to the local washing station on horseback due to the uneven terrain around the site. Esayas Beriso oversees the production at the washing station and is often celebrated for his unrivaled focus on quality.

Coffee from Buku Sayisa has popped up on Black Fox's shelf under many names such as 'Buku', 'Esayas Beriso' and more recently from DAK, 'Blueberry Boom'. Regalia's Eucalipto blend (a favorite amongst our local customers) celebrates this coffee as well.

In the cup we taste blueberry jam and dried apricot. It's a washed coffee from the Guji Zone so it has all of those intense florals we have come to expect from the southern parts of Ethiopia but there is a balance to the cup that makes it stand out from the rest. When brewed as espresso some subtle blackcurrant and aniseed flavors will creep in. We don't have much of this lot so as always, be quick.

Producer → Esayas Beriso
Kebele → 
Buku Sayisa
Location →  Hambela Wamena, Guji, Ethiopia
2,000 - 2,350 masl
Varieties  Native Landraces