Blueberry Boom

Blueberry Boom

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Extra fruity and extra fun. Blueberry, Citrus and Tropical Fruits.


Esayas Beriso grew this coffee on his farm in Buku Sayisa, a tiny area in the south of Ethiopia that is located in the Guji Zone.

Guji lots are always special. They're full of floral notes and are often especially clean. This one is a naturally processed coffee that has been anaerobically fermented. 

Once the cherries are picked, they are tightly packed inside a sealed plastic container and left to ferment without oxygen for 18 to 24 hours. During this process, microbes consume all the oxygen in the container and those that flourish on carbon dioxide are begin to dominate fermentation. After fermentation, the cherries are carefully removed from the container and laid to dry in direct sunlight on raised beds for approximately 2 to 3 weeks. Workers turn the coffee frequently to promote even drying.

All of this suggests a seriously fruity coffee. This is one that you'll smell as soon as you open the bag and even bad brews of this will yield a very obvious Blueberry flavor.

Producer → Esayas Beriso
Location   Buku Sayisa, Guji Zone, Ethiopia
Varieties Wolisho, Dega 
Altitude  → 
2,000 masl