Benito Perez

Benito Perez

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A warm, comforting cup that tastes like apple, soft caramel and nougat.


Our first Guatemalan of the most recent harvest and we couldn't be happier about it.

This coffee jumped out to us on the cupping table because it was especially smooth and comforting. We love our flower bomb coffees but sometimes you just want a warm, inviting cup that makes you kind of happy it's getting cold outside.

Benito Perez Pablo is a long-term member of the ASDEFLOR association.

ASDEFLOR is the Asociación de Desarrollo Flor del Café (Coffee Flower Development Association), and it is a tiny collective of just 30 members, all of whom belong to the Mam Mayan indigenous community. Mam is still the language used, Spanish being a second-language used only when speaking to mestizos. 

They own a communal wet-mill where most members process their coffee. Fermentations are long and cold, between two and three days, and producers cover the tanks in thick plastic to ensure a homogenous and clean fermentation. At around 1700 masl, parchment is dried partially on raised beds and finished on patios at the wet-mill site.

Benito migrated many years ago to the United States to find work and send money back home to his children. He’s able to travel to and from Guatemala to manage and oversee the coffee harvest, and his wife - who goes by Lorencha - manages the farm in his absence. Lorencha and Benito process their coffee at the Association’s communal wet mill. To process, they depulp the cherry and ferment it in cement tanks without water and dry over raised beds and patio for around a week.

This coffee is soft and comforting. When served hot, you will notices flavors like roasted cashew and crisp apple but as it cools that will develop to a smooth, creamy texture and lingering milk chocolate finish.

Producer → Benito and Lorencha Perez
Group/Association → ASDEFLOR (Asociación de Desarrollo Flor del Café )
Location → Chanjón, Todos Santos, Huehuetenango, Guatemala
Altitude →
1,700 masl
Varieties → Caturra, Bourbon & Catuai
Process →