Espresso Blend

Espresso Blend

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An espresso with big ripe fruit and a full, creamy texture.


The Espresso Blend is a strictly "no fillers" approach to blending by our Danish friends at Coffee Collective. Here you will see a composition of extremely high quality coffees that shine through on their own and have somehow made into this supergroup of an espresso blend.

Right now it's made up of 3-parts:

A pulped-natural lot from Brazil, which on its own is a rich, chocolatey coffee with big stewy fruits. This will be doing the grunt of the work when it comes to the blend's body and texture.

The Vista Hermosa out of Guatemala which is balanced and nougat forward but has a slightly lighter body so it really hits the mid-palate nicely.

Then finally a little bit of the Kieni - a powerhouse Kenyan coffee packed full of juicy, ripe fruit with mouth-watering acidity and blackcurrant sweetness.

Lot Name  → Daterra
Producer  →
Luis N. Pascoal
In This Blend  →  50%
Varieties  Catuai, Bourbon
Location  →  Cerrado, Brazil
Pulped Natural

Lot Name  → Vista Hermosa
Producer  → Edwin Martinez
In This Blend  →  30%
Varieties Red and Yellow Bourbon, Caturra, Pache
Location  →  Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Lot Name  → Kieni
Producer  → Josphat Muriuki
In This Blend  →  20%

Varieties → SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11, Batian
Location  →  Nyeri, Kenya