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A delicate, tea-like Colombian with that classic, brown-sugar Huila sweetness.


This coffee impresses us more with every harvest.

Jaime Casallas and his family manage to grown some unbelievably delicate and complex coffees on their farm, El Prado.

In the bag you'll find a mix of varieties including the molasses-rich Caturra, the flower-bomb that is Geisha and enough Typica/Java to give us that wonderful green-tea finish. Each variety plays a crucial role in making up what is a clean and vibrant cup.

We find notes of orange blossom, green tea, cane sugar and stone fruit all tied together with a soft, pillowy texture. Perfect for that delicate pour over and a balanced display of Coffee Collective's lighter roast style.

Producer  →  The Casallas Family
Farm  →  El Prado
Location   Gigantes, Huila, Colombia
Varieties Caturra, Typica, Geisha, Colombia, Java
Altitude  → 
1,560 masl