Wilfrido Martinez

Wilfrido Martinez

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A coffee with great structure. Blackberry, cocoa and peanut brittle.


When Mexican season comes around there are a few regions that we look out for because we know the coffees grown here will keep us guessing. One that continues to impress us by producing delicate, complex and yet incredibly focused cup profiles is Oaxaca.

Wilfrido Martinez was born into coffee producing. Raised amongst coffee trees and wrapped up in family tradition, he and his wife produce a range of varieties on their farm, El Chango.

We have purchased a small varietal blend of his Typica and Pluma (a Typica offspring first cultivated in Oaxaca). The cherry is picked and fermented for 20hrs before being washed clean and dried over 15-20days.

Typica varieties always seem to produce wonderful herbal and botanical notes with subtle, less concentrated sweetness. In the cup this particular lot will dance around watermelon and blackberry notes but retain a great backbone of cocoa and leave you with a lingering whisper of peanut brittle.

Producer  →  Wilfrido Martinez
Farm  →  El Chango
Location  →  Santiago Atitlan, Oaxaca, Mexico
1,650 masl
Varieties   Typica and Pluma