Sítio Canaã Espresso

Sítio Canaã Espresso

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Nutty with low acidity. A classic Brazilian espresso that showcases depth and chocolatey sweetness.


Unlike other producing countries, Brazilian naturals aren't your usual fruit bomb coffees. They show a full, textured body with rounded acidity and often a pronounced, roasted nuttiness that keeps drawing you back for more.

Brazil is the largest exporter of coffee in the world. Being right on the equator they have the added benefit of not requiring crazy altitudes and therefore they don't have to grow their crops in hard-to-reach areas making harvesting less of a headache.

Farms here are big and often particularly neat. Sitio Canaã is a pretty good example of this and the owner, João Hamilton, has separated is farm meticulously into different varieties. This lot is all Red Bourbon - a small bean known for its concentrated sweetness.

This coffee is for lovers of a "classic" profile. You won't find a whole lot of acidity, the texture is soft and velvety, and it's choc-hazenut heaven.

Producer  → João Hamilton
Farm  →  Sitio Canaã
Location   Caconde, São Paulo, Brazil
Varieties Red Bourbon
Altitude  → 
1,200 - 1,350 masl