Reserve Series 01: Alexander Vargas

Reserve Series 01: Alexander Vargas

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100% Pink Bourbon. Easily one of the best coffees we've tasted this year.



This special release sold out last year just as the latest harvest was being put onto a container to be shipped to the US. We rushed to have a few more boxes thrown in so we could share it with you again.

One of our goals at Black Fox is to gain access to small, unique lots for our Reserve Series in a way that is beneficial for the producer long term. We've discovered that one approach to this is to provide a forward commitment to larger volumes of coffee that may make up the bulk of what a producer grows each year with the hope that we can build enough trust to be offered the more experimental things.

We're working on this with Alexander Vargas and the team at Caravela now so you should see his name pop up on our offering list fairly regularly moving forward.

Alexander has been producing coffee for over 25 years. In that time he has grown from a young producer working on the family farm to the owner of his own farm; La Piragua. Finca La Piragua isn’t huge - it’s only around 5 hectares - and most of the land is dedicated to growing the Bourbon variety which is pre-contracted to Asia. He does however grow other varieties such as the Caturra (which we currently offer) and this Pink Bourbon. He grows some of the most unique coffee we've had the pleasure of trying - it's always bursting with sweetness.

In 2020, one of his Pink Bourbon pickings placed in the Colombian Cup of Excellence so we feel good about getting this into your cup at home.

This coffee has a mouthwatering acidity. It’s juicy and sweet like rhubarb with a complex baking spice note that we've decided is a little clove-like. You'll be forgiven for thinking this is a Kenyan coffee due to its high concentration of fruitiness.

Producer  →  Alexander Vargas Osorio
Farm  →  La Piragua
Location  →  Palestina, Huila, Colombia
1,820 masl
Varieties   Pink Bourbon