Pink & Yellow Bourbon EA Decaf

Pink & Yellow Bourbon EA Decaf

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A fancy decaf to impress your friends. Notes of lemon balm, nougat and guava.


This decaf has a bit of a reputation online and after tasting it we can see why.

Covid-19 has effected every industry differently and unfortunately, in producing countries, canceled contracts became more frequent and resulted in a lot of unclaimed coffee. Azahar (the coffee exporter) found themselves in possession of a lot of Pink & Yellow Bourbon with no home to go to and decided to "have some fun with it".

This coffee was grown by small producers in the Magdalena and Huila regions of Colombia. It was decaffeinated using the Sugarcane Process (or Ethyl Acetate process) at the Decafecol plant in Manizales, in the department of Caldas. 

The Bourbon variety is known for producing an incredibly sweet cup and Pink Bourbons show some great juiciness and florality. We cupped this coffee and were blown away by the quality. For us there were notes of lemon balm, nougat and guava!

Producers  → Local small-lot holders
Location  → Magdalena & Huila, Colombia

Varieties   Pink & Yellow Bourbon
Process   Washed

Decaf Process   
Ethyl Acetate