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Brazil in all its glory! Chocolate, red plum and a celebration of body and texture.


Say hello to another classic Brazilian coffee!

Due to the lower altitude, fewer steep slopes and larger land mass, we see a lot of mechanical picking over hand-picking in Brazil. It's not necessarily a quantity over quality thing but rather a necessity when dealing with the sheer volume that Brazilian farms produce.

The producer, Pedro Gabarra, does in-fact use mechanic pickers but in order to maintain a consistent product, he utilizes an intense sorting regime to separate the ripe from underripe cherries and unlike most Brazilian producers, he only dedicates around 32% of the farm to coffee production. Most of Fazenda Pinhal has been left as a natural reserve.

A naturally processed Brazilian coffee isn't quite as predictable as other origins. You're likely to see more of the texture and body of a natural but less of those big, overwhelming fermented-fruit notes you may see in naturals elsewhere.

This Catucaí (a hardy hybrid variety of Catuaí and Icatú) shows a lot of chocolatey sweetness, silky texture and controlled acidity. You'll still get some fruit in the cup like strawberry or red plum but this is definitely one of those comforting coffees that showcases body and texture over bright acidity and tea-like florals.

Producer  →  Pedro Gabarra
Farm  →  Pinhal
Location   Santo Antônio do Amparo, Sul de Minas, Brazil
Varieties Catucaí
905-1,180 masl