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A sweet, juicy Kenyan with notes of cherry, blackcurrant and brown sugar.


Kenyan coffees are almost always washed process and usually follow a standardized approach to doing so. Occasionally, however, we see a farm/estate focusing their efforts on Research & Development and some of their experiments make their way into our hands.

Pearless Estate is located in Nyeri, a region famous for its juicy coffees that are packed with sweetness. The farm was established in the 1940s and the majority of the trees are still from this time, many of which are Sl varieties.

For this lot, the coffee undergoes an extended fermentation before the washing process. 

Extending fermentation enhances fruity flavors and often adds in some tropical-like notes. Being a fully washed coffee means it retains a lot of acidity and a lighter body. In the cup you'll taste a particularly well-balanced expression of Kenyan coffee.

We suggest picking up a bag of this and the Banana Split for a great processing comparison as both of these coffees are from the same Estate.

Farm → Pearless Estate
Location   Nyeri, Kenya
Varieties SL28, Batian, Ruiru 11, SL34 
Altitude  → 
1,600 masl
Washed (Extended Fermentation)