Milky Cake

Milky Cake

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One of the DAK classics. Notes of vanilla, marzipan, and subtle tropical fruit.


DAK coffees are not for the faint-hearted. You need to know that when you're buying one, somewhere between opening the bag and taking your first sip, you are going to say "Whoa!". All this to say their coffees often have more non-traditional flavors than subtle undertones. To some, this could be considered a gateway to more nuanced lots but arguably if you're into this kind of thing you probably want to be hit in the face with flavor.

Milky Cake is a coffee that we are asked about a lot at Black Fox. With its creamy texture, fruity undertones and vanilla-like finish it truly has something for everyone.

The producer, Diego Bermudez, is famous amongst the specialty coffee community for his innovative approach to fermentation, often utilizing some kind of variation of a 'Thermal Shock' process.

With this lot, Diego has taken Castillo cherries and fermented them in an anaerobic environment for 48 hours at 20 degrees Celsius. The coffee is then washed across two separate stages with hot and cold water before being dried with air recirculation for 34 hours at 35°C at a relative humidity of 25% until it reaches a stable moisture content of 10-11%.

The resulting cup is bursting with notes of vanilla and subtle tropical fruit. The texture is very much a highlight with a thick, creamy viscosity and a lingering sweet finish - honestly, a lot like cake frosting.

Producer → Diego Samuel Bermudez
Farm → Finca El Paraiso
Location   Piendamo, Cauca, Colombia
Varieties Castillo
Altitude  → 
 1,730 masl
Thermal Shock Washed