La Peña Blanca

La Peña Blanca

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A loud coffee that's super sweet with notes of brown sugar and dark, juicy berries.


Peruvians just get better and better each year and we're certainly not complaining about it.

This 100% Caturra lot is produced by Roxana Rafael on her farm, La Peña Blanca. She purchased the farm around 6 years ago and with the help of her family she has started producing some unbelievably sweet and clean tasting coffee.

The Caturra variety is great for showing off more developed sugars like toffee, brown sugar and molasses. In Roxana's coffee we're getting loads of brown sugar with a lasting hum of vanilla in the finish - this is a very, very sweet coffee. The acidity is nice and juicy with some darker berries showing up as the coffee cools.

Get around Peruvian coffees like this one before they start disappearing again.

Producer  → Roxana Rafael
Farm  →  La Peña Blanca
Location   Jaén, Cajamarca, Peru
Varieties Caturra
Altitude  → 
1,800 masl