Kigari AA

Kigari AA

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A vibrant Kenyan lot with notes of blackberry and apple.


Here we welcome back Prolog Coffee to our line up!

Prolog is based out of Copenhagen, Denmark and was opened by Sebastian Quistorff and two-time Danish Barista Champion, Jonas Gehl. Their roasting style is bright and clean. You can visually see that the coffee is lighter than most due the deep "mottling" on their washed process coffees.

This specific coffee is from the Kigari cooperative and wet mill based out of Embu, Kenya. Kenyan producers harvest their main crop roughly from November - January but when you take into account drying, milling, bagging and all of the import/export logistics we don't usually see these coffees land in roasteries until May/June (sometimes July). In our opinion, Kenyan coffees hold up the best in regards to green age and this coffee is a great example of that; it is tasting crisp and vibrant.

In the cup we are getting rhubarb and apple. The sweetness is jammy and the acidity (as expected) is juicy! If you haven't tried Prolog's coffee, brewing this Kenyan will be the best way to start.

Producer  → Various Smallholders
Washing Station  →  Kigari
Location   Embu, Eastern Province, Kenya
Varieties → SL34, SL28, Ruiru 11, Batian
1,600 - 1,800 masl