Jose Hernan

Jose Hernan

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Another organic lot from Tolima with brown sugar sweetness, delicate acidity and clean stone fruit.


To us, Coffee Collective represents sustainability. This is due, in part, to their commitment to working with the same producers year-after-year. As happy consumers of Coffee Collective, this means we see a fairly consistent line up from them - think of coffees like the Kieni, Halo, Vista Hermosa etc.

During their seasonal trips to visit producing partners, the team at Coffee Collective will occasionally be introduced to new people that share similar values and are farming exciting coffees.

Enter Jose Hernan Quintero.

This is Coffee Collective's first time working with Jose and roasting an incredibly high-quality offering from his farm Finca la Pradera, in Tolima, Colombia.

This is a blend of two of our favorite coffee varietals; Bourbon and Geisha.

Bourbon gives us sweetness - like, very concentrated sweetness. The Geisha variety gives us a huge amount of florals.
Both of these varieties are "Honey" processed coffees. Unfortunately no, there was no actual honey involved in the production of this coffee. Honey processing is the act of depulping the coffee cherry but leaving some fruit still attached as the parchment dries. What you get is a little more texture in the cup, softer acidity and sometimes a hint of tropical fruit but nothing too wild.

This coffee tastes like earl grey tea with a brown sugar finish. The fruitiness is fleeting but memorable.

It's being sold in a 200g bag to keep it affordable but it won't last long so move quick!

Producer  → Jose Hernan Quintero
Farms  → La Pradera

Location   Tolima, Colombia
Varieties Geisha & Bourbon
Altitude  → 
1,700 masl