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A fun, seasonal blend served to you in a jam jar. Brews like coffee, tastes like jam.


Square Mile are great for consistently releasing new, festive blends throughout the year but this time they may have out done themselves.

The details:
  → JAM is a blend of Kenyan and Colombian coffee.
  → The Kenyan is from the Gakuyuini washing station in Kirinyaga (think pink flowers and ripe red fruit).
  → The Colombian is from a farm called La Yalena located in Antioquia (here we'll get big brown sugar notes and lingering sweetness).
  → This blend is roasted for filter brewing but if you want to brew an espresso with it no one is going to stop you - you do you.

Blended 50/50 we can expect a coffee that is reminiscent of a fresh jam and oozing with notes of raspberry and brown sugar.

We'll ship this to you as it arrived to us; in a jam jar.

Washing Station  → Gakuyuini
In This Blend  →  50%
Location  →  Kirinyaga, Kenya
Altitude   1700 masl
Varieties   SL28, SL34, Batian, Ruiru 11

Producer  → Elkin Dario Diosa
Farm  → La Yalena
In This Blend  →  50%
Location  →  Antioquia, Colombia
Altitude   2100 masl
Variety   Caturra
Process   Washed