Puente Tarrazú C02 Decaf

Puente Tarrazú C02 Decaf

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Decaffeinated coffee that tastes like not-decaffeinated coffee. Creamy body and chocolatey.


No one should be punished for drinking decaf because it can be shockingly delicious and this particular lot is the Decaf you'll find on the bar at all of our Black Fox locations.

The C02 process differs slightly from other decaffeination methods in that the carbon dioxide works much better as a selective binding agent to the caffeine molecule. Once the process is complete we're left with a coffee that has had the caffeine removed and more of the inherent coffee flavor left in tact.

We love C02 decaffeinated coffees because they're clean, sweet and that taste like coffee.

As for the coffee itself, this is a smallholder lot from Tarrazú, Costa Rica processed at  a local mill headed up by Rodolfo Rivera. It's a white honey processed Catuaí and Caturra so it has concentrated sweetness and elevated texture.

Your first sip of this coffee should hit you with notes of almond, show a wonderfully creamy body and finish with lingering milk chocolate! 

Producers  → Various Smallholders
Location  → Tarrazú, Costa Rica

Varieties  Caturra, Catuaí
Altitude  1650 - 1750 masl
Process   White Honey

Decaf Process