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Ripe yellow peaches, bright, berry-like acidity and wildly floral


A wonderful expression of Guji zone coffee with clean, crisp acidity and a bouquet of earl grey.

Aman Adinew owns the farm where this lot is grown and it is run by METAD, a company he owns with his brother. METAD are great. They connect a lot of roasters and green buyers with small producers who fall under METAD's umbrella. They also do a lot of work on the ground within the community so we recommend you look into them.

This coffee however, is what we're here about and boy is it delicious. Expect yellow peach and ripe red berries with an aroma like a fresh cup of earl grey tea. The Guji zone never fails to impress us.

Producer  →  Aman Adinew
Location   Guji Zone, Ethiopia
Varieties → Native heirloom varieties
2,000 - 2,200 masl