Blue Honey

Blue Honey

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A washed Castillo variety with honey-like sweetness and some soft, rounded blueberry.


Another fresh arrival from Nariño and a bag of 100% Castillo.

Blue Honey is a return appearance on Luna's offering list because it's not the first time they've purchased from José Guillermo Toro.
We love Nariño coffees for their juicy acidity and super jammy sweetness. Plus, the Castillo variety often have this
 sparkling, effervescent element that draws you back for more.

Laura & Nate at Luna have labeled this bag "Blue Honey" for its concentrated honey notes, lactic acidity and rounded blueberry back bone.

Producer  → José Guillermo Toro
Farm  → El Balsal
Location  → Samaniego, Nariño, Colombia
Varieties   Castillo
Altitude   2,000 masl