Bedhatu Jibicho

Bedhatu Jibicho

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An 80yo producer growing coffee that tastes like peach, honey and black tea.


Bedhatu Jibicho is the name of the producer that grew this coffee.

Over the last decade, traceability in Ethiopia has become a lot better and direct farm-gate trading is now more common than ever. That being said, seeing coffees separated by producer is still a rare sight so when Luna made this lot available we knew we had to have it.

Bedhatu is over 80 years old! She has been growing coffee in the Gedeb region of Ethiopia for over 50 years and she is absolutely killing it!

The area she lives in is famous for coffee that tastes like sweet canned peaches and pink florals - this coffee has these qualities in abundance.

In the cup we also taste honey, chamomile and black tea. This is the sort of coffee best served over ice as the gentle spring heat settles in.

Producer  → Bedhatu Jibicho
Location   Gedeb, Gedeo Zone, Ethiopia
Varieties Native Landraces
1,800 - 1,900 masl