Asopep Espresso

Asopep Espresso

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A smooth and balanced espresso. Expect notes of praline and dried fruit with a syrupy texture.


Asopep is an organization in Colombia that is made up of 162 local producers. These coffee producers all reside near the town of Planadas in Tolima and a portion of them have contributed to this lot.

Tolima is the Colombian region that we most associate with flavors of praline and berries. There's always a great nuttiness to these coffees that is backed up with lingering toffee sweetness and a bright berry-like acidity.

Depending on the roast profile these flavors will be developed in a number of different ways. As an 'Espresso' roast we can expect more body here. Monogram have also described this coffee as having notes of dried fruit which to us says you can expect less acidity and a more pronounced sweetness.

Great coffee for the home espresso machine but equally delicious as a French press.

Producer  → Smallholder Producers
Location   Tolima, Colombia
Varieties Castillo, Caturra & Variedad Colombia
1,400 - 1,900 masl