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Loads of caramel sweetness with a syrupy texture and lingering raisin


If you managed to get your hands on Square Mile's Easter Blend back in April, you might be familiar with this coffee as it made up 50% of that blend. Now, thanks to Square Mile, we're getting the opportunity to taste it on it's own and boy is it delicious! 

As a part of the Akawa project, an initiative founded on building stable and fair coffee supply chains in Burundi, the Rubirizi washing station processes the coffee of 833 farmers. Akawa finances UTZ certification for sustainable coffee farming, leaving all premiums to go towards training producers in good farm management practices.

They also pay a flat-rate milling fee to the washing station, which means the farmers receive payment for their cherry upfront, and without negotiation, which is not common in Burundi.

Expect a lot of caramel sweetness with dried fruits like date and raisin humming away in the background. A clean, warming and super sweet expression of the southern regions of Burundi - yum!

Producer  → Local Smallholders
Washing Station  →  Rubirizi
Location   Buyengero, Burundi
Varieties Red Bourbon
Altitude  → 
1,710 masl