Ratnagiri Estate Lot 32/6

Ratnagiri Estate Lot 32/6

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Indian coffee! Layers of dark cherry and cocoa with warming baking spices in the finish.


It's likely that you haven't had much experience with Indian coffees which is understandable considering the lack of high-quality, speciality grade arabica making its way into the US.

Well, here we have a great example of a well-processed, thoughtfully produced lot of Catuai from the West Coast of India (south of Mumbai).

Ratnagiri Estate is owned and managed by Ashok Patre and he's made some huge improvements to the development of Ratnagiri's processing and lot separation over the last few years. The farm is separated into different varietals and approached in a way that gives each plot of land the focused attention it needs.

This is a honey processed coffee. For those unfamiliar with this method it's simply a process where the cherry has been removed from the seed but some mucilage remains attached to the parchment while it dries. We consider this a "best of both worlds" approach to processing where you get the added sweetness and texture from a natural process but the flavor clarity of a washed.

Indian coffees generally show notes of baking spice and cocoa which we're definitely seeing here but with the added benefit of a little dark cherry - likely a result of the honey processing.

Take a leap of faith and get a bag of this in your hands. It'll be a great mix up to your daily brewing routine.

Producer  → Ashok Patre
Farm  →  Ratnagiri Estate
Location   Karnataka, India
Varieties Catuai
Altitude  → 
1,500 masl