Pear Praline

Pear Praline

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A wonderfully balanced coffee with lasting notes of pear and praline.


The Pear Praline is a late-harvest Pacas out of the Santa Barbara region in Honduras.

Usually the Honduran harvest season is completed around March but a cooling effect involving the mountainous terrain and Yojoa Lake slows ripening in this area to a crawl and picking can often continue through June.

The producer of this coffee, Benjamín Paz, is a bit of a household name amongst the specialty coffee community. Thanks to him we have been blessed with the amazing work of dry-mill and Honduran coffee exporter, Beneficio San Vicente who are responsible for the vast majority of traceable lots we receive from Santa Barbara - a region known for growing some of the country's most prized coffee.

2020 brought with it Hurricane Iota which tore through Honduras and resulted in devastating landslides. Benjamín has been a driving force behind the efforts to support and rebuild the effected communites. You can read more about how you can help here:

As for the coffee in this bag we get a luxurious, pillowy texture with soft notes of pair and a lingering praline finish.

Producer  → Benjamín Paz
Farm  → Loma Guasiurco
Location  → Las Vegas, Santa Bárbara, Honduras
Varieties   Pacas