La Falda

La Falda

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A perfectly balanced Honduran coffee. Notes of brown sugar, pecan and milk chocolate.


Honduras strikes again! Here we have a great addition to the new Detour release with this comforting, balanced cup.

This is a 100% Catuaí lot grown by Jesus Galeas, or “Chungo” as he is known within the community, at his farm La Falda.

Jesus inherited La Falda from his father in 2014 who started production over 30 years ago in the Comayagua mountain range. He began working in coffee around the age of 19 with his father by selling their cherry to local intermediaries but found the specialty market and transitioned to controlling their own specialty processing by investing in equipment like depulpers, solar dryers and parchment storage facilities to really elevate the quality and preserve the freshness of their coffees.

This coffee tastes soft and smooth. Our favorite part of this profile is that it's bursting with brown sugar and pecan notes (think freshly baked pecan pie). There is also a lasting milk chocolate finish and some subtle acidity to give it balance.

Producer  → Jesus Galeas
Farm  →  La Falda
Location   San Miguel de Selguapa, Comayagua, Honduras
Varieties Catuaí
Altitude  → 
1,700 masl