Holiday Espresso

Holiday Espresso

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A holiday inspired espresso. Expect deep honeyed sweetness and ripe fruit notes.


49th Parallel release these holiday lots every year and we always offer them in our stores. This year we've decided to make them available here so you can stock up in time for Christmas and serve your friends and family some of these great coffees at home.

The Holiday Espresso comes from the latest shipment of Honduran coffees. Ramon Rodriguez is the producer and in the bag you'll find a 100% pacas variety.

Ramon's farm, La Bendicion is located in the Santa Barbara region. Here we find coffees that taste incredibly sweet. Common tasting notes grin this region include cola, baking spices, cherry, toffee and root beer!

This is an Espresso roast but you can use it however you want. Just expect a full body and softened acidity. The team at 49th describe this coffee as having an ultra-ripe fruit character, alongside dense honey sweetness and a full, velvety mouthfeel.

Producer  → Ramon Rodriguez
Farm  → La Bendicion
Location   Santa Barbara, Honduras
Varieties Pacas
1,500 - 1,550 masl