Finca Los Palomos

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Blueberry jam, lemon balm and very, very exciting.


Wow! An unexpected gem of a coffee here.

Finca Los Palomos is located in Antioquia, Colombia. The northern regions of Colombia often give us those classic, toffee-rich cup profiles that are packed full of sweetness but sometimes lack the same fruit notes you might see further south.

Well we love being proven wrong especially when it means receiving a coffee as good as this one. In the cup, this coffee tastes just like a high quality, washed Ethiopian lot with juicy acidity, incredible florality and clear notes of blueberry jam.

Perhaps what makes this coffee so special (aside from the fantastic work of producer Léonardo Henao) is that it's grown in a sub-region of Antioquia called Urrao. This area is constantly cooler than other Colombian coffee areas and that gives the fruit more time to develop more complex sugars over a longer ripening stage.

Also, this lot is a new but native variety called Chiroso Bourbon. This variety is relatively unknown but believed to be a natural mutation of the Caturra that has adapted to the cooler temperatures of Urrao and prized for it's incredibly floral expression.

If you're sad about the delay in East-African lots, here is something to tide you over!

Producer  → Léonardo Henao
Farm  →  Los Palomos
Location   Urrao, Antioquia, Colombia
Varieties Chiroso Bourbon
2,100 masl