Epic Espresso

Epic Espresso

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High intensity and full of sweetness. Notes of dark chocolate, crisp apple and anise.


The "Epic Espresso" is a fan favorite amongst Black Fox regulars. We always stock a little extra of this one because it flies out the door.

Epic isn't always the same coffee but it's usually a coffee with great structural sweetness and a juicy acidity. 49th Parallel call this one a light espresso roast because it preserves the acidity of the coffee but you can still expect to find some of those familiar "roasty" characteristics like toffee and licorice.

This lot comes from Guatemalan producer, Luis Pedro Zelaya. It's a varietal mix of Bourbon (think concentrated sweetness, vibrant acidity) and Typica (floral and crisp) meaning it gives us a wonderfully balance profile.

A coffee perfect for those brewing espresso at home or if you like a richer, more body-focused drip.

Producer  → Luis Pedro Zelaya
Location   Chimaltenango, Guatemala
Varieties Bourbon & Typica
1,500 - 2,000 masl