El Encanto

El Encanto

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Fresh coffee from Antioquia! Dates, fresh plum and soft tropical fruits.


Square Mile are a great roasting partner for countless reasons but one thing we really love about them is their clear focus on showcasing regionality in coffee.

Here we have a beautiful example of Antioquia, Colombia.

What makes this coffee a little different is the elevated fruit quality. Usually coffees from Antioquia show a lot of caramelized sugar, some praline-like nuttiness and citric acidity; all of which are present here. However the producer of this coffee, Juan Saldarriaga, is known to have quite a youthful approach to farming.

This mixed variety lot is dried under full shade, giving the fruit extra time to dry evenly and manipulating the sugar content inside the cherry. The result is a coffee with date-like sweetness, fresh plum and soft tropical fruits.

Producer  →  Juan Saldarriaga
Farm →  El Encanto
Location   Antioquia, Colombia
Varieties Caturra, Tabi, Castillo, Colombia
Altitude  → 
1,400 - 1,800 masl