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Soft and balanced with notes of roasted hazelnut, nougat and plum.


It's always nice to see new arrivals from Huila because we know the cup profile will be clean, delicate and super balanced.

This is a region that gives us some our favorite coffees such as the Jaime (Coffee Collective), Alexander Vargas (Black Fox), Ever Moreno (Regalia) and the Las Mercedes (49th Parallel).

Duver Rojas grows this coffee on his farm, Las Delicias, with his wife. The farm land where they're located was originally owned by Duver's mother before she sub-divided the entire mountain side and passed it onto each of her children.  

The coffee is fermented with out the addition of water, washed using fresh, clean water and dried slowly over several stages under full shade. All of these steps are done particularly slowly which, in our experience, results in a smoother body with softer acidity.

The resulting cup is balanced and soft with notes of roasted hazelnut, nougat and dried stone fruit.

Producer  → Duver Rojas
Farm  → Las Delicias

Location   Gigante, Huila, Colombia
Varieties Caturra, Typica, Colombia, Tavi
Altitude  → 
1,700 masl