Cinnamon Roll

Cinnamon Roll

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A snowy special to drink at home. A lot of cinnamon and vanilla in the cup.


DAK does it again with another one of those co-fermented, "I-can't-believe-this-is-coffee" coffees.

Cinnamon Roll is a varietal blend of Caturra & Pink Bourbon. At its core, Caturra will give you dark molasses-like sweetness and the Pink Bourbon is famous for juicy acidity and red-fruit jamminess. Edwin Noreña, the producer who grew and processed this coffee, has co-fermented it with cinnamon.

We've seen this process once before on a recent trip to Colombia when hanging out with our friend and producer Alexander Vargas. Generally with the addition of Cinnamon in the fermentation stage you are dealing with a very dominant flavor. Unlike some tropical fruits that are added to the tank to encourage specific yeasts and trigger intentional fermentation, Cinnamon is used more as a flavor enhancer.

So as a result we have a coffee that tastes a hell of a lot like a cinnamon roll. Not in a bad way by any means (or we wouldn't be sharing it with you) but you will notice some vanilla, brown sugar and (of course) cinnamon in the finish. On your first sip you'll notice the Pink Bourbon doing a lot of work contributing to a brighter acidity and ever so slightly fruity profile.

Either way, as is always the case with DAK coffees, you'll have some fun.

Producer → Edwin Noreña
Farm → Finca Campo Hermoso
Location   Circasia, Quindio, Colombia
Varieties Caturra & Pink Bourbon 
Altitude  → 
 1,550 masl
Carbonic Maceration Cinnamon Co-Fermented