Banana Split

Banana Split

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A rare natural Kenyan with notes of ripe cherry, stonefruit and coconut.


Kenyan coffees are almost always washed process - some even undergo multiple washes. This means that getting a natural out of this country is extremely rare and usually requires some form of forward commitment to cover the risk of "doing something different".

Pearless Estate is located in Nyeri, a region famous for its juicy coffees that are packed with sweetness. The farm was established in the 1940s and the majority of the trees are still from this time, many of which are Sl varieties.

For this lot, the whole cherry is dried on raised beds as a natural. 

This approach to processing has boosted the sweetness even further but tamed the acidity a little. Naturals also tend to elevate body and texture so in the cup you can expect a super sweet, extremely textural cup of coffee that is particularly unique for the area it's grown in. What a treat!

Farm → Pearless Estate
Location   Nyeri, Kenya
Varieties SL28, Batian, Ruiru 11, SL34 
Altitude  → 
1,600 masl