Cascara Tea

Cascara Tea

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Steeped with water this Cascara will turn into a sweet, bright and vibrant tea.


Delicious, unsprayed Cascara from Helsar de Zarcero in Costa Rica.

Cascara is the dried husk of the coffee cherry. It can be steeped like a tea to create a vibrant, amber colored beverage that tastes like raisins and hibiscus.

We purchased this lot from Collaborative Coffee Source (CCS) - a new partnership for us. We wanted to launch a summer drink in the cafes that included Cascara and CCS gave us access to this incredibly clean and aromatic bag of dried cherry. We ended up with a little extra so we're offering it in smaller retail sized bags for you to enjoy at home!

Here's what CCS has to say about Helsar de Zarcero:


Helsar de Zarcero is a mill that was established in 2004 by Ricardo Perez and a partner, during the nascent stages of Costa Rica’s “micromill revolution.”

The operation has grown considerably in the last fourteen years. It started with just a depulper and some raised beds, and today Helsar de Zarcero serves a few dozen farms, including a few of the Perez family’s own. In Helsar’s first year of production they yielded 250 bags. In 2016, the micromill produced 5000 bags, 15% of which was organic certified.

The family advocates for environmentally sustainable practices and in addition to their organic certified coffees, they aim to become Costa Rica’s first carbon neutral micromill. They use both collected rain water and fresh water to process cherries in the eco-pulpers. Each year they plant around 700 trees to offset the carbon their equipment produces, and they set up a fully organic certified cascara production.

Ricardo & Isabel are third generation coffee farmers and it appears this tradition will continue as their daughter Lucía takes on more responsibility at Helsar.


Amazing aroma on this one with notes of cranberry, golden raisin, strawberry and hibiscus.

Producer  →  Ricardo Perez
Mill  →  Helsar de Zarcero
Location  →  Zarcero, West Valley, Costa Rica
1,650 - 1,800 masl
Varieties   Mixed Varieties